Ninth Child LLC




Embroidery is our Purpose. We use up to date state of the art automatic Tajima embroidery machines. We have multiple single heads and multi heads which can handle designs that have up to 15 different colours. We use Madeira and Kingstar threads which give us access to a very large array of colours.


We have a design team that create the files (DST file) that we will need to run your artwork on the embroidery machines. They work around the clock to provide a quick service. We test run any new logos/artwork to ensure we get as best a finish as possible and we will proceed with order once we have received your approval.

We also accept DST files if you wish to provide them to us.


If you’re looking to placing an order with us, simply ask for a quote by clicking the ‘request a quote’ tab and within 24 hrs we will get back to you with a breakdown which will cover everything you need to know. Rest assured there will be no hidden fee’s.

Supplying Clothing

We are happy to either supply the clothing at our trade prices or for you to ship clothing directly to us. We have access to many of the industry’s well known trade suppliers here in the UK.

Lead times

We understand that with todays way of living, you yourself will get those orders that on short notice will need a very quick turnaround. So for that reason we are offering a tier system for order urgency. Please inform us before you place an order on the urgency of the job to ensure we can work with you smoothly.